La vie

Man fragt sich, warum das Leben manchmal so kompliziert ist. Es ärgert mich, dass es nirgendswo ein Lexikon für diese Fragen gibt. Wie kann man sich dann helfen?


Das Leben ist eins der Schönsten

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listening to the beat of my heart.

Sometimes you don't know why things happen. I believe that it is important to not just judge about stuff. Let it be in your thoughts. And think about everything when you have enough time. I always judge too fast. And I can't help myself.

In my thoughts is just this one person. I do love him. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh and he lets me dream about weird shit.

Sometimes I am desperate. About things that people don't understand. I don't want to tell people my thoughts. This wouldn't help me. Maybe I lose than my image. And I don't want to open myself so everybody can see through me like through a glass.

But I am so sad sometimes, that I just want to lay down and listen to music. Than I can calm down. It gives me a part of my fantasy world. And than I am like in heaven. I am just flying.

Thanks for reading this shit.
And now I will lay down and listen to music.

8.12.08 19:23

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green eyes / Website (19.12.08 16:54)
Jetzt wird's ernst, meine Liebe. Details! Wie, wo, wann, was soll ich anziehen! :D

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