La vie

Man fragt sich, warum das Leben manchmal so kompliziert ist. Es ärgert mich, dass es nirgendswo ein Lexikon für diese Fragen gibt. Wie kann man sich dann helfen?


Das Leben ist eins der Schönsten

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yes. here i am. and it is nice. very nice. i miss him. but that is okay. a relationship is supposed to be like that, i believe. i will see her soon. i am very excited, cause she is my favorite. here and there. but sometimes i am thinking if she will be shocked when she sees me. what am i going to do? i am happy to find my soul here. it makes me smile to be somewhere where nobody knows you and you can just act how you want. not that i am not doing that also at home. but here it is different. i love life!
22.12.08 11:07

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Claudia (22.12.08 23:05)
i am very excited. sometimes i am thinking if you will be shocked when you see me!
let's be cool, please. i love you!

la lisa (25.12.08 11:44)
okay. being cool is easy for me

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